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2015 Home Buying Trends in the Chicago Area

Posted by: kcb_admin
Date: December 15th, 2015

With new home sales on the comeback, Chicagoland home buyers seem to desire different amenities than years past. According to a recent area broker and builder survey by Chicago Magazine, home buyers now prefer larger laundry rooms, smooth quartz and porcelain kitchen surfaces, soaking tubs, and a flexible living space to reflect the trending 24-hour work day and smaller family size.

Here are some of the most recent home buying trends in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs:

Open Floor Plans

In today’s market, the family room has become as valuable as the kitchen. Families now spend about 60 percent of their home time in a shared space of kitchen and family room/great room area. The open design concept has become very popular based on this growing trend.

Accessible Kitchens

There seems to be less separation than ever between the kitchen, living room and dining room. The open first floor plan is a favorite to support the trend of sprinting through meals—and large islands with overhangs and stools makes for easy, quick meals for families on the go. Home buying trends still support the desire for beautiful cabinetry and tile and upgraded appliances but the space needs to be extremely functional. The arrangement and traffic pattern of the kitchen is a primary consideration.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Buyers do not want wasted space. The living area is combining more than ever and there is a focus on multi-purpose rooms that can be an office one day and a guest room when need be. A must-have is a wireless look that can be “tech-ready” when needed and not look like a tech room filled with wires.

First-Floor Master Suites

The first-floor master suite has become a common desire with second floors more utilitarian. According to several agents, buyers are considering multigenerational needs for accommodating aging parents. This main level living design is more attractive and flexible.

Back Porches

Screened in back porches are cropping up more in the Chicago suburbs alongside larger decks. This added living space offers an outward extension of the home. Additional lighting, gas grill outlet, and furniture then provides a great place for entertaining or eating casually with the family—a perfect, relaxing outdoor space rain or shine.