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King’s Court Builders, We’re Not Like Other Custom Home Builders

Our employees, trade contractors and most importantly, our homeowners will tell you that King’s Court is different than other custom home builders in the western Chicago suburbs for several reasons. Sure we build beautiful homes but it’s how we build and service our custom homes that set us apart.

Our financial stability is often why our homebuyer’s breathe their first sigh of relief. We’ve been with the same primary bank since 1989. We’ve never had a mechanic’s lien placed on us by any subcontractor on any of our 1,000+ homes. That and the fact that Pete Stefani, the owner of King’s Court Builders, will personally guarantee your deposit, means we’ll be around to service your custom home long after you close (and until you’re ready to build your next King’s Court home in the Chicago suburbs).

The construction team that manages the building of your home averages 26 years of experience. This consistency ensures that your custom home building process will be smoother because it’s supervised by people who have an understanding of the company’s shared commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our certified craftsmen and trade partners are put through a rigorous selection process before they are hired. We trust them with your home so we do not hire them based simply on the lowest price but on the quality and service they provide.

Throughout the entire process, you will work with a dedicated New Custom Home Consultant for all your needs. They will answer all your questions, guide you through the home building process and offer assistance when needed during your selections. They are available to listen to your concerns and help you make the best decisions for your new home.

The home we build is YOURS so you have access 24/7 while the home is being built.  You can stop by at your convenience and feel 100% confident that we have nothing to hide. Your door is always open for you.

We offer an electrical walk-through for all our homebuyers. At the time the electrical rough-in work begins, you’ll be offered an opportunity to walk through the home with our electrical contractor. This will give you a final opportunity to select and approve final locations for switches, outlets, recessed lights, etc. – per code of course.

pre-walk and homeowner orientation takes place approximately two weeks prior to close. At this time, our homebuyers will walk through their home with a King’s Court representative to learn about all the features of their home as well as work with their King’s Court representative to document any minor adjustments that need to be made. The two-week lead time gives our contractors an opportunity to try and complete these items prior to close allowing our homebuyers to begin enjoying their King’s Court home immediately.

Our two-year warranty is a signature King’s Court offering and we’re proud to be the first builder to offer it in this marketplace. We take the one-year warranty that is required by state law for all new construction and extend it for a second year – in its entirety. This commitment demonstrates our confidence in our quality of work and our willingness to service our homeowners after they close.

Please browse our website or contact us to find out why King’s Court Builders is the builder for you.