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Deck vs. Patio: Which Offers the Best Value

Posted by: kcb_admin
Date: June 9th, 2016

If you’re in the new home construction process, the consideration for a deck or patio is probably on your mind. You might be wondering which options would be best for you and which will provide the best overall value to your home.

This article helps identify the pros and cons of each and can help you determine which outdoor living space would suite you the best.

Each option will offer a great area to gather with family and friends, grill out or just relax in the warm weather months. Here are some of the differences.

The Appearance Difference

Patios are the outdoor space built directly on the ground. This area might be connected to the house or constructed in a separate area of the yard. The patios can be constructed of various materials depending on the style desired and the budget. These include concrete, brick, stone, tile, pavers or other materials. In most cases, patios do not have rail systems but rather an open look. Today, many patio spaces include fire pits, built in barbecues and even sitting areas.

On the other hand, decks are typically made of wood or vinyl and are usually not placed directly on the ground but rather use a support system to elevate the space. Also, decking systems are usually enclosed by a railing system, possibly a pergola or trellis and offer an overview of the backyard.

Cost Comparison

As with anything, cost can play a great roll in your patio vs. deck decision. Studies show that the average cost of a midrange composite deck can run around $15,000 or around $10,400 for a wood deck. Decks usually range about $33 per square foot while patios, on the other hand, are about $15 per square foot for brick and around $12 for concrete patio. However, the actual cost will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Materials used
  • Location (on the ground, without support)
  • Size of the deck or patio
  • Additional features (railings, seating, built in barbecue)
  • Ground level (patios require flat land or will need to level the foundation)

Home Value

Decks or patios offer a good return on investment when it’s time to sell your home. The average RIO for a new deck is about 75% and around 30-60% for a patio.

Best Choice

The decision really comes down to which one best suits your needs for the additional cost. Patios, many times, work well when you’d like to incorporate the landscape or pool into the overall design. And if you’d like a separate place away from the home, patios are more conducive. However, those wanting a grand view of the property would want to consider a deck for its elevation options. Decks also work well for those with drop offs or unleveled backyards.

Whichever your selection, both offer a great ROI and an excellent outdoor entertaining or relaxation space. And, if both are appealing and budget is not a concern, incorporating both options can truly enhance your home value and overall backyard beauty.