Custom Home Building Process

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An Overview of Your New Custom Home Building Process

Whether you’re building a new custom home in the Chicago suburbs or anywhere across the United States, the home building process can be exciting but also overwhelming for you and your family. There are thousands of details that must be attended to and all in a timely manner. While King’s Court Builders is actually building your new custom home, you also participate in the process by taking care of several important aspects of your purchase. The list that follows will help you stay ahead of the building process and ensure that your home is completed by your guaranteed closing date.

Your Home Purchase Agreement

The home purchase agreement is a legally binding contract. Please read the home purchase agreement carefully. As with any legal agreement, we encourage you to have an attorney review the documents to help explain items that may be unclear as well as to help facilitate a smooth closing.

Applying for Your Loan

After the home purchase agreement has been signed, you have 7 days to apply for your loan. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a smooth buying process is selecting the right lender. King’s Court Builders does recommend working with one of our preferred lenders as they would be happy to assist you in obtaining a program that works best for you.

Your New Home Selections

Whether you are building one of our very popular floor plans or customizing your own floor plans, you will have many decisions to make. Rest assured your New Home Consultant will guide you through the selection process to make your new King’s Court home unique to you.

Construction of Your Home

You will have the opportunity to meet with us at several points during the construction process. We also understand that you will want to visit your new home during the building process and we encourage you to do so. Because we value you and your family we do ask that you recognize the importance of safety on a job site. Please be sure that all safety precautions are taken.

Homeowner Orientation

Two weeks prior to closing a ‘pre-walk through’ will be scheduled with you and your King’s Court Superintendent. During this walk through we will not only be getting you acquainted with your new home, we will be answering any questions that you may have, reviewing care and maintenance information, and ensuring your confidence in our two-year warranty. Your ‘pre-walk through’ will also provide us with time to note any last minute items that may require attention prior to closing.

Closing Day

A final walk-through will be conducted on the day of closing to provide you with peace of mind at closing that all of your concerns and questions are remedied so you can begin enjoying your King’s Court home immediately.

At closing, the documents necessary to deed your King’s Court home to you and to close the loan from your mortgage company will be executed and delivered. To ensure a smooth closing, we encourage you to consult with both your lender and attorney 48 hours prior. Be sure that everyone is on the same page and that all questions and concerns are addressed and remedied.

When the closing is complete, you will receive the keys to your brand new home!