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Spend more time outdoors this summer! Trends in backyard designs

Posted by: kcb_admin
Date: July 19th, 2015

Gone are the days of the boring gray concrete patios and metal swing sets. Today’s backyards are sophisticated extensions of a home’s interior, offering tranquil sanctuaries and entertainment-ready spaces for families to enjoy.

We spend a lot of time creating the perfect spaces INSIDE our home. During the summer months, however, we want to be outside. Transforming your backyard into a functional outdoor living space makes spending time in the fresh air enjoyable AND comfortable.

If you are considering upgrading your backyard, there are a variety of ‘hardscape’ materials available to customize your outdoor living area to create various living spaces as you would inside your home. Pavers, bricks, flagstone, cobblestone, and slate in various colors and patterns are just a few of the materials out there that can help enhance and define your space. We see three hot trends in ‘hardscape’ right now:

The outdoor kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of your home, why not make it the center of your outdoor living space? Whether you create a full-blown gourmet kitchen or an area for your grill, we guarantee cooking will be a pleasure. Don’t forget seating for dining al fresco!

The fire pit/fireplace

We love the idea of gathering around a captivating fire element, especially in our climate. The cozy warmth and glow of the fire will allows you to use your space on chilly evenings well into autumn. Plus, when was the last time you made a s’more?

The living area        

Every outdoor living space needs an intimate social area that entices friends to stay awhile. Home stores and catalogs offer countless options for outdoor seating, carpets and outdoor accessories to fit your style.

Finally, don’t forget to soften your space with landscaping and lighting. The right plantings can add color, beauty and privacy if chosen correctly. Ambient lighting is not only beautiful indoors but outdoors as well. Consider torches, lanterns or electrical soft lighting to create drama, focus and depth. And, your area will have a resort-like feel. Who wouldn’t like that?

Today’s backyards offer all the amenities of the inside OUTSIDE. The addition of an outdoor space to your home not only cuts down on yard maintenance, but also adds to your property value. Not to mention, why can’t the adults play outside too?