Staircases: Form and Function

Posted by: kcb_admin
Date: August 19th, 2015

Staircases. They know how to make an entrance. They do it with style, form and function. Nothing says “welcome to my home” like a grand foyer with a magnificent staircase leading your eye up to a coffered ceiling with a magnificent chandelier. Even if your home does not offer an entrance on a grand scale, your staircase sets the mood and provides a hint to visitors on what your home offers its guests.

When building a custom home, staircases are often overlooked in home design yet they are used daily, and their form often affects their function.

Newell posts, dark wood and wrought iron balusters are top trends in staircase design offering a modern yet timeless look. Swell steps at the bottom of the staircase allow for a wider, more comfortable landing and of course, beautiful design element. Although staircases with wood treads give off a beautiful rich look, you may want to consider a carpet runner if you have children, pets or elderly family members living with you. The carpet runner allows for more traction, provides warmth and comfort on bare feet, and reduces the amount of noise when kids and pets are running up and down the stairs. Runners also allow your beautiful woodwork to show on each side of the stair while protecting the step underneath. Swell steps can be left uncarpeted to show off your design elements and rich millwork.

When designing your staircase, be sure to take into consideration landings and right angles. It can be challenging to move furniture and other large items up and down stairs with turns, especially if your staircase isn’t wide enough. This is especially important to consider with basement stairs since most basement furnishings tend to be oversized. Think about pool tables, gym equipment, oversized flat screen TVs and movie theater seating: these items will not go down standard sized “L” shaped staircases. Here is another option.

Some of our models offer a staircase from the garage down to the basement. We love this feature for its functionality. Think about all the applications! The furniture that can’t fit down your standard basement stairs can be maneuvered easily down these hard-working stairs. If you have a child in college, these stairs can provide the privacy they crave with the security you need to sleep at night. If you have an entertainment area or separate guest bedroom, this separate entrance allows for privacy from your main living area while allowing guests access to other parts of your home.

We always say building a custom home is a chance for you to show your personality. Don’t forget about your staircases! They certainly know how to make an entrance!