We recently built a home with King’s Court Builders within the Highland Woods Community in Elgin, IL. I wanted to take a moment and say what a wonderful experience we had. We looked at many builders in the area, all had decent homes, but we kept coming back to King’s Court. Working with Pete and his team was fantastic. Pete met with us, listened to our needs and designed the perfect home. The service, quality, construction and professionalism that we received from King’s Court exceeded our expectations.

After looking at many other builders, it was clear that King’s Court would build us a home and the others would build us a house. It was a different experience than any other builder we met with. There wasn’t a standard “hard sales pitch” (which turned me off from the other builders). They were focused on what they “could do” vs. what they “could not do” with their designs and options. Several builders we met with could only offer us some options we wanted but were not willing to go beyond. One builder we met with showed upgrades in their model house that they would not offer. Another thing was pricing out upgrades. Pete’s pricing for upgrades was very realistic and within the price ranges that I would research. Another builder we looked at had a lower base price but the markup on their upgrades was ridiculous. It came out higher than King’s Court and wasn’t nearly the same quality.

Aimee was our sales person; she was super knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She could easily answer our questions and showed us why King’s Court was the right choice. Aimee was our first point of contact with King’s Court and was one of the main reasons we decided to move forward. We knew we needed someone we could trust during the building process.

During construction, we had a key and full access to our home. This was awesome because we were able to watch the entire process. I took pictures of the studded walls to ensure I knew where all of the duct work and wiring was. I could also bring my family and friends to see the progress. Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly.

There are a lot of decisions to be made when building a custom home. We were given a guide with timelines and contacts that made it super simple and kept us on track. The contractors they used are all experts in their fields, so they help to ensure everything goes together well and blends with your overall style and design.

We closed on our home earlier this month. The walk-thru and closing were a breeze (never had that before). Most importantly the follow-up on our punch list after closing was just as consistent.

If you are interested in King’s Court, I would suggest driving around Waterford or another one of their developments and talk with people that have already built with them. It’s what we did and everyone had positive things to say. Truly, I would recommend doing that with any builder you look at.

If you are looking for a builder who; listens to your needs, offers a great home at a fair price, has great customer service and follow up, is trustworthy and has a team of caring and professional people, then King’s Court is for you. I know I sound like a sales person or something but I know what it’s like to be shopping for a new home and how important it is to find a good builder. Seriously, these guys are great!

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