Chirag and Amee C.

We were looking to build an offsite home on a lot we owned for a few years now. Me and my husband visited every builder in the area and liked their work but there was something missing that kept us from deciding the builder until we met Pete Stefani of King’s Court Builders. Pete made us feel that it was for him and his transparency in work that had kept us away from any other builder. As I mentioned we were an offsite home so we had different constraints to our process. Pete asked us what we wanted in our house, I drew him a rough sketch and Pete took over from that point to design us one of the most beautiful houses in the area. Pete built us a quality home. We had heard many horror stories in the process of home building none of them were true for us. Pete was upfront with most of the issues we might face and any additional work we wanted were priced upfront so there were no surprises at all. The house Pete built does not have an inch of wasted space, it is beautiful and super functional in every aspect. The entire home building process was smooth sailing for us. During the building process Pete let us in the house to review the work and take as many pictures we’d like as he had nothing to hide… unlike most builders who would not let you in, in your own house. All his trade partners were great to work with except for the flooring guy where we had a minor hiccup but that was not Pete’s fault. His entire team whether it was Frank our construction manager, or Linda with selections or Chris with accounts or Mark or Scott were a pleasure to work with and showed us a great deal of respect and sincerity to work just like Pete. We’ve received rave reviews about our house and I cannot thank Pete enough for that. I do not want to leave this house ever but if I had an opportunity to build a house again it would be with Pete and King’s Court Builders. I highly recommend KCB and Pete for anyone who is considering building a house. KCB builds a quality home and they never take their work for granted…!!! 3 Cheers for Pete and his team.!!! Thank you guys for making it a fun experience for us.

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