Scott and Jenn Z.

Let me just start by saying that my wife and I have never owned a place, much less built a place. Complete novices at the entire buying, much less building experience. We moved from an old, small apartment in New York City and had spent nearly a year trying to figure out if we should buy in the city vs. the suburbs – becoming fairly disenfranchised with the entire experience. Thankfully, we ended up sitting across from Pete one day in his model and talked about everything we wanted. From that first meeting, my wife and I felt so much more comfortable and reassured that we would find (and build!) our dream home. I cannot count all of the ways Pete helped, advised, counseled, mediated, etc., but we are eternally thankful. From literally driving us around to help us find the lot we bought, to the first pencil sketches he made and throughout the building process, we would recommend Pete and King’s Court Builders to anyone who is remotely interested in building. The entire KCB team is outstanding and if we didn’t love our new home so much, I would do it again!!

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