Shiv and Kavita I.

When my wife and I started on our quest for a new home in the suburbs, building a home was the farthest thing from our minds given all the horror stories we had heard. However, it became quite apparent that to get everything we wanted in a home we would have to build. We met several builders and talked to their existing and former clients. We liked Pete from our first meeting and our impression was reinforced by every one of his clients we spoke to. Pete’s models, floor plans and the quality of materials have always been top-notch and each of one his clients echoed this. Apart from this, it was important for us to have complete transparency, given our budget, and with Pete from the first meeting on, it was quite clear that there would be no surprises. He is honest, upfront and very detailed in laying out every possible cost and option and the associated trade-offs. The entire six month home building process from the contract was thoroughly enjoyable and if there was any cause for stress, it was our own inability to choose from the myriad of wonderful selections. All of Pete’s subcontractors have the same level of integrity, quality and are a pleasure to deal with. We would routinely run our ideas past Pete and his subs and they would have some valuable input that helped us shape our thinking and aid in our decision-making process. His entire team is very responsive as well. Pete had committed to a fairly aggressive timeline on our home but we wanted him to fast-track it by another 10 days for personal reasons. We closed on our home and moved in ahead of schedule and there was not one hiccup along the way. We have been in our home for a few months now and we have received numerous compliments despite having a half empty home. Pete’s team also excels at customer service and is always happy to stop by or help us resolve any issues we may have. I would strongly recommend Pete and King’s Court Builders to anyone who wishes to build a new home.

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