Today’s Master Bathroom

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Date: December 8th, 2015
Categories: Design trends

Your new Master Bathroom should be a retreat, an oasis away from the stresses of the day where you can relax and unwind in a soothing, tranquil environment. However, in the morning, you need it to be efficient, functional and practical so you can get out the door looking and feeling your best. Our Master Bath designs combine form and function essential for today’s homebuyer. If you are looking for design inspiration for your new home or want to update your current bath, here are some of the latest trends we are seeing.


As opposed to the trend of the 80’s and 90’s where the larger the master tub the better, today it’s all about the shower. Generally, today’s buyer feels a large shower is important, but it’s more about what’s in the shower that really counts. I start by categorizing showers into one of two categories…would you like it to feel like a cave so that when you’re inside you feel like you’ve really gotten away from the world, or do you prefer it to be wide open to the rest of the bathroom with lots of glass.

Some people request a door-less shower or one with no ceiling but remember that this makes it much easier for heat to escape and you may feel colder while showering.

Once the overall size and shape is defined, next come the goodies. Multiple showerheads, personal sprays, or rainheads (rainheads come from the ceiling), body sprays, steam units, Bluetooth capable speakers, aromatherapy, or light therapy are all available to complete your dream shower.


While it’s true that some customers are opting to go with no tub in the Master Bath, tubs still go in most of our homes. One popular trend is to place a tub between three walls and frame a tub deck in front of it. This takes less space than placing a tub deck on all sides but still gives a very custom look with a tiled front and tiled backsplash. What’s even more requested in today’s market is a freestanding tub. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit your individual look.

Custom Vanities

A double bowl vanity in the Master Bathroom is a must and as such, every home we build comes with it as standard. A popular design today is split vanities which gives more separation should two people be getting ready at the same time. By utilizing a custom cabinet manufacturer, you can highly customize both the look and function of your vanities. Raised height, drawer banks, a tower of cabinets that sits on top of the counter, make up vanities, and furniture base molding are all very popular. Also, we see a lot of buyers selecting a unique species of wood, finish on the wood, or painted vanities to further individualize the look. Granite, quartz, and marble are all popular choices for the countertops.

Something To Think About

Some of our buyers have a situation where one gets up or arrives home on a different schedule than the other. We have designed floor plans to accommodate this by having a separate exit so that they can enter the bath, then get clothes from the closet and then leave without entering back into the bedroom.

The Finishing Touches

Natural light, enclosed commode area, heated floors, custom tile accents, and placement for a TV are all smaller, yet very important details to consider.

Form and function can be beautiful. Be indulgent when designing your Master Bathroom. Let it showcase your personality and lifestyle. King’s Court Builders can show you how!